International Artist Residencies Panel & Discussion

International Artist Residencies Panel & Discussion
Friday, October 12, 2018 | 1:00 – 8:00 PM
La MaMa Galleria, 47 Great Jones Street, New York City, 10012
RSVP: 邵一雪(shao.yixue@bcaf.org.cn)Charlotte Fleming (cfleming@accny.org)

The Asian Cultural Council, the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation, and La MaMa E.T.C. are committed to providing support and resources for artists and arts professionals. We believe that international cultural exchange is a powerful tool bringing benefit both to the individual artist, the communities in the exchange country, and their communities at home. Furthermore, that this cultural exchange is essential to fostering understanding and respect in the world.

Since China and the U.S. established diplomatic relations, the exchange of artists has been a critical vehicle for bringing understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures. The need for understanding and respect, based in relationships forged over time, is an imperative for cooperation and lasting amity. Artist residency programs committed to the exchange of artists between China and the U.S. present opportunities for building relationships.

To explore the possibilities of artist residency programs, we are gathering arts professionals who design and run residencies alongside artists who have participated in such programs for three panel sessions and discussion. The purpose of this gathering is to promote dialogue and learning to create effective opportunities for the future.

1:00 – 1:25 PM | Introductory Remarks

Mia Yoo, Artistic Director, La MaMa E.T.C.

Cui Qiao, President, Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation

Miho Walsh, Executive Director, Asian Cultural Council

Keynote Speech

Ping Chong, Artistic Director, Ping Chong + Company

1:30 – 2:40 PM | Panel 1: Artist Residencies and Community Engagement


Jamie Bennett, ArtPlace America


Mia Yoo, Artistic Director, La MaMa E.T.C.

Jay Brown, Founder/Director, Lijiang Studio

Fito Segrera, Head of Research and Creation, Chronus Art Center (CAC)


•  How do differing residency models (production-driven, process-driven, urban, rural, international, hyper-local, interdisciplinary) approach community engagement and education?

•  What kind of programming/services does the residency provide and how do they serve the goals of community engagement and education?

2:45 – 3:55 PM | Panel 2: The Experience of the Residency


Jane DeBevoise, Chair of the Board of Directors, Asia Art Archive


Jennifer Wen Ma, Visual artist

Li Mu, Visual artist

Ursula Eagly, Dancer/choreographer


•  What enabled you to connect with the local community (both the community of artmakers and local residents)?

•  What kind of support did you find most useful in pursuing your goals for the residency?

3:55 – 4:10 PM | Session Break

4:10 – 5:25 PM | Panel 3: After the Residency


Cecily Cook, Director of Programs, Asian Cultural Council


David J. Diamond, Curator, La MaMa Umbria International Programs
Susan Hapgood, Executive Director, International Studio & Curatorial Program

René Lorenceau, CEO, Swatch Art Peace Hotel Artist Residency


•  How do residencies engage alumni?

•  What is the role of technology in the post-residency relationship?

•  How, besides commercial success, do we measure the success of residency participants immediately after their program and years later?

•  How do residencies track their alumni?

5:25 – 6:00 PM | Closing Remarks/Discussion

Karen Wong, Deputy Director, New Museum

6:00 – 8:00 PM | Dinner & Reception at La MaMa Galleria